It’s All In Your Head

Halloween.  A Previous Post. Familiarity. A Sociology Professor. Silkscreen Class. These five things came up in the past week, reminding me how truly involved our minds are in creating our worlds. So, it's obvious, we all live on a planet. The same planet. We can be in the same place and see the same event. … Continue reading It’s All In Your Head

12 Rockin’ Animals (and their Kick-A$$ T-Shirts)

My blog has a tagline... "Thoughts, inspiration, balance... and randomness." This is gonna be one of those random posts. I can't tell you how many times I've told people about my favorite animals. Part of it is for comedy's sake. I think most adults find it amusing that a thirty-five year old gal would have … Continue reading 12 Rockin’ Animals (and their Kick-A$$ T-Shirts)