Croatian Persuasion

I apologize in advance for the brevity of today’s post- but lil Miss LLAY (Life Love and Yoga) is a wee bit tuckered out from my Napa trip and prepping for Jacksonville. Don’t you worry your pretty little heads, I’ll be sure to fill you in on my Napa weekend soon.

But I want to make sure I get my Em/The Bachelorette time in here because there’s only six dudes left…. dun dun dunnnnnnn……

Again, just a few of my humble opinions tonight…

Not Croatia, I just wanted a pretty sky

On Croatia:
The tourism board of Croatia/Dubrovnik has sold me on the town. Add it to my list.

On Travis:
Way to let him go Em. That dude was always in the friend zone.

On Ryan:
Em’s face was priceless while Ryan was listing off his 12 things he wants in a trophy wife. The more I was listening to him, the more I think he doesn’t really get what a trophy wife is and he’s using the wrong vocab word. No matter, Em is just hearing trophy wife and she and those big ol veneers ain’t having any of that. Oh no girl. I love that Ry was ‘shocked’ and ‘didn’t see this coming’. Say what? You didn’t see her face during all your weirdo comments? I mean, we all saw her face. Maybe you weren’t paying attention to her, that is why. I love that ‘editing’ kicker at the end, where he essentially set himself up for the best editing job ever.

On Jef:
Adorbs. Growing on me. Except one thing. Why you gotta say, “like” so many times? You are essentially forcing me to create a drinking game now, young Jef. I think you said it 67 times tonight- in both contexts – ‘similar to’ and ‘affection’. I like, like you.

On Arie:
Arie’s eyerolling during Em and Ryan’s banter cracked me up. Those guys remind me of… guys. Crazy! I also think Arie is looking more and more like Zach Braff every day. A taller, Formula 1 version.

On Doug:
Dude, you are so awkward, I want to escape the queasiness I feel from watching you. We all get you’re insecure, but wtf was up with the soprano voice to your baby child? What was up with that!!?? Your insecurity is so hard to watch. Take a shot of something, and get on in there.

The Wolfman

On Wolfman:
I mean, I guess…. ? I love it when people say, “no one knows this about me, not even my parents,” then shows 2.4 million viewers what you’ve been hiding from mom and dad in your wallet for nine years.

On Chris:
You seriously need to start doing yoga. Or something. ASAP. Your rigidness makes me think you have no flesh under that jacket.

I feel like I left someone out. Oh, hot Sean! Yeah, still hot.

Travis hit the dirt and so did Ryan. Next week… Prague.


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