You Know That I Could Use Somebody…

I wouldn’t be where I was if it wasn’t for…. someone. Okay, just so we’re clear… we aren’t using people here. We’re networking! I’ll explain the difference in a bit. The main point of this post is that if you … Continue reading

10 Lessons I Learned in the Business World (and not in school)

I have been in the working world in a sales or marketing capacity for about fifteen years now, and there are several lessons I have learned throughout that time. If you’re just getting started in the workworld, or maybe haven’t … Continue reading

10 Life Lessons from Being a Sorority Girl

I am going away this weekend. With a date. I got a new dress! And a mani/pedi. Am I: a) going to a fraternity formal b) going to a destination wedding c) either a or b? The correct answer is … Continue reading

Kale Chips and Sales Tips

I’ll admit it. It’s pretty random that I have a blog that is so fluffy and light and beautiful and touches such amazing things like photography, flowers, yoga, and organic food. And then I go and post something about sales. … Continue reading