Know Your Shoe Size

For years and years, I could have sworn I was a size seven-and-a-half. 7 1/2. Right? 7 1/2. Tra La La La seven-and-a-half. And I would buy shoes, and wear them- and many pairs were fine. Cute, even. Some were annoying though. Pinched, rubbed, were too big or too loose. Blisters would form. Some fit … Continue reading Know Your Shoe Size

10 Disney Song Truths

I think we all grew up thinking that Disney movie messages were just bull-shiz. Like, really, princesses? Like you have a clue about the real world? Oh yeah, little cricket, seriously? Wish upon a star... yeah right. Little did I realize just how jaded my little six-year-old heart had become. Mr. Disney and company spoke … Continue reading 10 Disney Song Truths