I went to get a hair trim today with my gorgeous hair guy, Paul Norton. Paul works on celeb hair all the time. He’s a ripe old 32, so he’s in the know. And his hair cut in 2007 landed me a date with Ryan Gosling. So I have to trust the kid.


Every time I step into the salon, I get my hair washed and I sit in the chair. And every time, I say, “whatever you’re feeling, Paul.” Usually it’s just a trim or some sort. But today he said, “I want you sassy and sexy. I’m taking your length up.” I was thinking, inch, two, maybe three. Oh no, six. Six straight up inches.

At first, I was like, “Ok, this feels lighter, healthier. Those are positives.” As the evening wore on- I kinda began to freak out a bit. Now, I am not one of those girls that is defined by her hair- at all. I am actually pretty open to all sorts of things. In fact, in 2001, I cut all my hair off to Halle Berry circa Maxim/Oscar length. I just wanted to try it once in my life. Everything grew out eventually, but I just realized there wasn’t enough versatility for my ever-changing mind having short hair on my noggin.


So I am a bit panicked now. My hair is like half of what it was. Running my fingers through it feels incomplete. My ponytail is barely there and what didn’t make it in is falling onto my neck.

I know I will like it over a couple of days…  but it made me think about trust.

Why is it that I just hand my hair decisions over to Paul? Because I trust him. He knows hair. He knows my hair. And I trust him. Things have happened from his haircuts. Magical things. Why is it that I totally trust Paul, but I don’t trust some of the other people in my life? Trust is something, for me, that is built over time. I notice that I subconsciously ‘test’ people and see if they pass each threshold and get one tick closer to my complete trust. Are they there for me? do they know what they are talking about? Do they make the right decisions?

While I am not always so forthcoming in my trust in people, my trust in the universe, the world/higher power- I have in spades. I implicitly trust that the greater good is out there and the best possible path is created and bound to happen. Lessons to be learned. Opportunities that you can then opt to take or not. Knowing and trusting that what you choose will take you down the right path.

So how do I trust anyone? The process?  I listen very closely to what my gut is telling me. I watch for results, look for the truth… then, I let go, and I just trust.

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